Susan Davidoff, Rachelle Thiewes, 2003 – 2004

In 1999 we worked on a series of unique books titled BEAUTY.CHAOS. We found this collaboration to be challenging and exciting and decided to pursue another project, potentially continuing to explore the book.

June 16, 2002

We are in the Smoky Mountains sitting on a smooth rock in the middle of a stream, contemplating our next collaborative exhibition. We talk about books – their subject matter and structure. In response to this beautifully wild, remote location, our ideas begin to change. Instead of the intimate experience one has with a hand-held book, we want the pages to become a force surrounding and enveloping the viewer – another kind of intimacy.

September 4

Clear concise ideas

Taking man-made objects inspired by patterns in nature, layering them with actual organic forms, we study their structure, pattern and relationships.

September 10 – November 20

Research nature structure chance natural patterns

mathematical patterns layers (failure) shadow experiment

projected objects (if all else fails, we can always exhibit our individual artwork)

reflection conversations projected images scale line

transparency object (frustration) place

December 3

We suspend a rough-edged fabric panel in front of a large piece of paper with a Magic Marker drawing of a projected object – it has potential. It’s a good thing because every idea has failed this week and Teresa’s coming tomorrow.

January – June, 2003

Engineering research chance money refining

technical travel resource consultation logistics elation

hard physical dragsters boring manufacture

conversations film relentless idea

July 16 – July 27

We are drawing 10 to 12 hours a day for the next 12 days straight. Our goal is to finish the charcoal and pigment panels. Spending whole days balanced on ladders is incredibly strenuous – our entire bodies hurt. Sometimes dreams of drawing intrude on restful sleep. Still, the focus and rhythm of the work, the progress and evolution of the piece are a rush. Each day has new discoveries and challenges that could not have been predicted.

August – September

Details structure logistics

September 10

As we finally sit down to reflect on our journey, it is clear that not until the piece is actually installed and we are able for the first time to see AIR PATTERNS in its entirety will our project be complete. This chance to work on the edge is the essence of our collaboration.